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If you’re worried about the kids getting too much sugar over the Halloween break why not introduce some of these scary fruit snacks as substitutes. Belfast Food Blogger has raided The Greengrocer’s range and added some sweet spots too!

Let the kids imaginations run wild to make their own creations or here’s how Conor created his masterpieces.


Orange Pumpkins

The easiest of the lot, simply peel your orange and add some celery to act as a stalk! You could go even further and decorate it as a Jack O Lantern using black icing sugar or melted chocolate!


Kreepy Kebabs

Skewer on your favourite fruits (Conor used strawberries and grapes) and top with two white marshmallows to act as a skull face, decorate your face with chocolate


Apple Monster Mouth

¼ an apple and scoop out the core, then carve out a mouth and fill with crunchy peanut butter, add your tongue (jelly sweets) and eyes (baby marshmallows)


Banana Ghosts

Cut a banana in ½ and carefully place a kebab skewer in the middle. Use chocolate buttons to design your ghost face!


Exploding Monster

Fill a clear plastic cup with fruit of your choice, Conor used green grapes and added some red laces to act as exposed brains (yucky but the kids will love it). Check out 3 for 99p confectionary range instore for edible decorations.


Freaky Face

Half peel an orange leaving the top half to act as hair. Conor used Dolly Mixtures for the face and Monster head bolts!


Conor served these up with some Forest Feast monkey nuts, worm jellies and a few Halloween themed chocolates.