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Doing Valentines on a budget this year? It’s no secret that going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day makes a dent in your bank account and that most restaurants book up weeks before the big day. And this all amounts to it becoming pretty stressful getting your plans in order. But everyone knows that’s not what Valentine’s Day is all about. It’s about the romance, the atmosphere and most importantly, the two of you.

So what about doing it all at home? Dining in may be the most sensible option for you and your wallet, and may be the most intimate, too. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship and want to maintain the love, or you’re in a flourishing romance and are looking to impress, our selection of romantic dinner recipes for two are sure to do just that. Avoid the stress of booking the ‘perfect’ restaurant and make the night your own with our Valentine’s Day ideas.


Dine In with these Romantic Dinner Recipes for Two


Put together a tantalising 3 course meal or mix and match our delicious romantic dinner recipes for two. If you’re looking to save your pennies but are still aiming to impress, find out how to do Valentine’s Day on a budget with SPAR.


Tantalising Valentine’s Day Starters


From personalised dishes to getting a little more intimate with a sharing platter (ideal for those who are doing Valentines on a budget this year). There’s plenty to choose from when selecting your Valentine’s Day starters.


Meaty Valentine’s Day Starters


  • Chicken, strawberry and lettuce salad – a refreshing salad with bursts of flavour – and it’s quick and easy to make!
  • Gambas Pil Pil – chili, garlic prawns served with warm, crusty bread. The perfect balance between spice and a light bite to start off the evening.
  • Pâté – your choice of pâté served with fresh baguette (soft or toasted), chutney and garnished with fresh herbs (parsley works nicely).


Vegan Starters


  • Tomato bruschetta – serve tomatoes and dairy-free mozerella cheese on toasted sourdough bread and drizzled in vegan balsamic glaze.

Top tip: for a romantic twist, take a heart shaped cookie cutter and shape your bread into a heart for your Valentine!

  • Stuffed mushrooms – fill with vegan breadcrumbs, garlic, basil, vegan parmesan, onion and pepper.
  • Veggie soup with warm, crusty bread – a classic. The perfect winter warmer to serve up in February and a light starter to introduce the main course.


Vegetarian Starters


  • Baked camembert – serve with a spicy tomato salsa and a small rocket salad. Offer toasted bread strips to really share the love.
  • Arancini balls – made with risotto rice, vegetable stock, mozarella, garlic and vegetarian friendly parmesan. Serve with a tangy tomato dip.
  • Roasted halloumi and vegetable skewers – served with hummus and a selection of dips. You could try:
    • Mint yoghurt
    • Aioli
    • Pesto


Valentines Sharing Platters


Put together a sharing platter, complete with all the trimmings. A romantic choice for two (unless you don’t like sharing…), sharing platters offer a more intimate and inviting experience for you and your date. The choice is completely yours, but we’ve put together a selection of our favourites:


  • Vegan: Fill your boots with a selection of hummus and crudités, from bell peppers and carrots, to sourdough sticks and pitas. Add a salty twist with a selection of olives and an Asian inspired quinoa salad.
  • Vegetarian: Dine on stuffed peppers with cream cheese. Complete with a Moroccan fruity couscous salad for a tantalising burst of flavour.
  • Meaty: A mix of scotch eggs, charcuterie meats and cheeses, finished off with olives, pâté and fresh crusty bread.


Valentines Main Courses For Two


This is your chance to really show off your culinary skills. Browse our selection of showstopper ideas to blow the socks off of your Valentine.


Meaty Valentines Main Courses


  • Steak with red wine butter – a classic Valentines meal idea. Serve with all the trimmings – from home cooked chips and onion rings, to a grilled tomato and garlic mushrooms.
  • Garlic chicken kievs served with sweet potato wedges and salad or veg – it’s your choice!
  • Garlic and chili prawn spaghetti – it may be messy but it’s super easy and quick to make! All you need is a mix of garlic and olive oil, chili peppers (however many is up to you…), prawns, spaghetti, rocket and parmesan.
  • Grilled lamb chops – serve with your choice of potato, mint sauce and plenty of veg.


Vegan Mains


  • Vegan burgers – serve in a bun with tomato salsa, raw onion and rocket. Whether you use a store bought vegan burger or make your own with sweet potato or chickpeas, red onion, chili and sweetcorn, you’re sure to impress your vegan partner in crime!
  • Vegan shepherd’s pie – with a filling made of diced mushroom, carrots, onion, celery, (and any other vegetable your heart desires!) and lentils. Add some vegan mince for extra texture and flavour.


Vegetarian Mains*

*These recipes can also be altered to make them vegan, too!


  • Crispy fried vegetable cakes – a great way to use up your leftovers! Play around with the flavours and mix together your favourite vegetables to create a tasty dish for your Valentine. Serve with your choice of potato and sweet chili sauce.
  • Vegetable tray bake with vegetarian sausagesa great way to use up any spare veggies in the house without having to buy any more. Perfectly paired with crumbled vegetarian feta and a mixed leaf If saving money really ignites your heart, this one also makes for a delicious lunch the following day – two meals for the price of one!
  • Stuffed peppers – need some inspiration? Check out our recipe for savoury stuffed peppers – utterly delicious, budget-friendly and even better to taste!
  • Veggie fajitas – serve up with all the trimmings. This also works great with your favourite veggie chillie recipe!


Delicious Valentine’s Day Desserts


Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a rich, indulgent dessert for two. Your mind immediately goes to chocolate, but we’ve also offered up some fruity alternatives.


  • Chocolate truffles – delicate and small but bursting with flavour – the ideal dessert for Valentine’s Day.
  • Vanilla panna cotta – drizzled with raspberry coulis and fresh berries. To make this one vegetarian, make sure to swap out the gelatine for agar.

Top tip: As with the bruschetta, take a heart shaped cookie cutter and turn your panna cotta into a Valentines-appropriate treat!

  • Chocolate cake – we all know that you can’t go wrong on Valentine’s Day with a delicious slice of indulgent chocolate cake to share. Serve with ice cream and it’ll go down a treat.


Vegan Dessert Specials

  • Tiffin – all you need is vegan dark chocolate, golden syrup, coconut oil and your favourite fillings – from nuts and dried fruits to vegan biscuits and marshmallows.
  • Eton mess – using aquafaba (or the drained liquid from a can of chickpeas) as an egg substitute, mixed berries and vegan yoghurt.


Now you’re fully prepared for a romantic night in with your partner in crime and our delicious Valentines meal ideas. So save those extra pennies and put together a romantic dinner at home for you and your loved one. Pick up everything you need to make our Valentine’s Day meals from your local SPAR and have an evening to remember this year.