With Shrove Tuesday falling just one day before Valentine’s Day this year, it’s fair to say the beginning of February is going to be busy! Get prepared ahead of schedule with some of our favourite pancake recipe ideas – perfect for beginners, pros and even those with special dietary requirements!

Easy Pancakes

Simple, but delicious! If you’re strapped for time on Pancake Day, or you feel your culinary skills could be better, you can still enjoy delicious pancakes with an easy recipe. All you need are the standard pancake ingredients – plain flour, eggs, milk, sunflower oil and toppings of your choice.

Some people like to sprinkle sugar on their pancakes, while others prefer the sharp citrus zing of lime or lemon juice. The possibilities are endless with these easy pancakes! You could even try mixing chocolate sauce with peanut butter, or mini marshmallows and chocolate drops.

Not-So Easy Pancakes

Are you a bit of a Michel Roux when it comes to kitchen skills? Crank it up a notch on Shrove Tuesday with double stuffed Oreo pancakes!

You’ll need the standard pancake ingredients, plus a few added extras such as cocoa powder, light brown sugar, crushed Oreos, baking soda, vanilla extract, and the ingredients for sumptuous Oreo cream. Once you’ve made (and flipped!) your chocolate pancakes, serve with dollops of cream in between each one, to make a delicious tower perfect for Shrove Tuesday dessert.

If you’ve got any crushed Oreos left, sprinkle them on top of the tower!

Vegan Pancakes

Now that there’s so many dairy alternatives out there, pancakes for vegans are no longer a thing of the past. To create your own stack this Pancake Day, you’ll need either soy, almond or coconut milk, whole grain flour, canola oil, and bananas.

Mash up your bananas and blend them with a bit of your milk alternative. Throw in the whole grain flour and continue to mix, until a light batter starts to form. Cook your vegan pancakes in a drizzle of canola oil, and once the pancake mixture is bubbling, remove them and stack in a tower, ready for covering with a topping of your choice. Syrup? Pineapple rings? You decide.

Gluten Free Pancakes

If you can’t eat gluten, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pancakes!

To create a stack of truly delicious gluten free pancakes, you’ll need oat flour, corn starch, eggs, baking powder, coconut (or soy/almond) milk, and any extras you want to include, like chocolate chips, dried fruits or nuts.

Cook the pancake mixture as you normally would, and serve up coated in your choice of toppings. You can also include a drop of vanilla extract in the pancake mixture, which gives your gluten free pancakes a creamy, sweeter taste.

So, what will you go for this Shrove Tuesday? Why not experiment with more than one? If you’re having a flipping contest with the kids, remember to make sure there’s no hot oil in the pan before they flip!

Need some further inspiration? Check out our chocolate chip and peanut butter banana pancake recipe. And whether you’re a pancake pro or beginner batter-maker, grab all the pancake ingredients you need this year from your local convenience store.

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