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1)Be sure to keep lunch boxes in the fridge if you’ve made it the night before – this will keep it fresh!

2) Get creative with their foods – use shaped cutters on their sandwiches for a little fun at lunch time or make faces/designs from the ingredients …they’ll love it.

3) Make lunches with your kids, let them help out and give some suggestions this will help them understand a balanced diet.

4) Ensure to incorporate a variety of proteins, grains, fruit & veg. Keep things interesting by switching between sandwiches, wraps, pita pockets, baguettes etc …they’ll be excited to try new things!

5) Encourage them to eat the rainbow – green lettuce, red tomatoes, yellow peppers, purple grapes – fruit & veg are packed full of essential nutrients to keep them functioning throughout the day

6) Include a wipe or a sheet of kitchen roll so spillages can be mopped up quickly

7) Always include a drink to keep your child hydrated - this will help keep them focused during lessons. Go for still or sparkling water, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, or unsweetened fruit juice.

8) Read the label of any food you are buying for your child's lunchbox - some foods that you may next expect will contain sugar. (tip: A product is high in sugar if it contains 15g or more of sugar per 100g).


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