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Top Tips

Christmas is a time of celebration and family togetherness and is yet considered one of the most stressful times of the year. This is why SPAR has compiled a list of Top Tips to ensure you can scrap the stress and focus on what the festive season is really about.

SPAR’s Top Tips to stay on top of Christmas preparation

5. Christmas cards

Rather than get through it all in one sitting, try spreading out the love a little by dedicating 20 mins once a week from now to writing your Christmas Cards. Not only will you save time closer to Christmas, you will be fresher writing each card making your message sincere and your hand cramp free.


4. Stock the cupboards with boughs of groceries, Fa la la la.

Many of your grocery items will last from now right up to Christmas and beyond so stock the halls! With a bit of preparation, stock up early and avoid the last minute basket dash at the shops!

Why not check out our 12 Deals of Christmas? One great grocery deal each week on the build up to the big day.


3. Crafty supplies

Family arts & crafts are a sure way to create happy Christmas memories for your little ones. You might consider saving your empty cartons, packaging and boxes. These items are perfect for creating your own decorations. Here’s some arts & crafts inspiration that we found. The kids will love to get involved too!


2. Freezing buns

Many home-baked goods will keep in the freezer provided that you wrap them well. If baking is a tradition of yours around the festive season then feel free to start early. This Top Tip is particularly handy if you have a large family that adores your culinary skills.


1. Surplus Gifts

Purchase a few extra gifts to have wrapped and waiting just in case you get an unexpected visitor or worse, entirely forget about someone! These gifts might be as simple as a bath-set and if you don’t give them out this year, they will be there for next Christmas.


Focus on what matters

The most important thing that you can do on the build up to Christmas is remember what it’s all about. The most wonderful time of the year isn’t stress & spending - It’s family, love and great tasting food.


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