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You can find out about this website's accessibility features below. Please get in touch with any feedback, or if you experience any difficulty using this website. 

General Information & Standards Compliance

Some of the general features include the use of clear language and common web conventions. We have avoided using blinking or flickering elements. And, crucially, we have validated all HTML and CSS to Level A Conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. 

Conformance Highlights

We have carefully considered text colours, contrast, size and background colours to optimise the experience for people with a range of visual impairments. However, should you need to further increase (or decrease) text size on the site, you can use the controls on your chosen web browser. All important images and videos on this site should have alternative text – alt tags – to give meaning to their use on each page. We use JavaScript in some areas of the site to improve usability and the interactive experience. This site should still be usable if your browser does not support JavaScript. We have avoided the use of pop-up windows unless necessary, e.g. on suggesting a SPAR site in a different region. All forms should include labels for each field, to improve their usability and readability.