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Quality Assurance & Produce

Great tasting, high quality fresh food! 

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at SPAR!

Especially when it comes to sourcing and supplying fresh produce. Our expert Quality Assurance team work hard to bring exceptional quality produce to our customers, and we have sourced over 75% of our fresh food from over 180 local suppliers. 

At every stage we have quality checked our ‘The Greengrocer’s’ veg for freshness.

We are committed to providing high quality fruit & vegetables and our QA team share a passion for excellence. Therefore, all our deliveries undergo rigorous quality checks before being accepted and sent out to our stores. They are responsible for ensuring high quality products are available for our customers from the field through to your fork! 

The team are continuously assessing product quality and supplier performance to ensure the standards set are constantly being met. Every day they are inspecting products against specification in our warehouses and evaluating the quality of our produce before it is sent out for customers, or they can also be seen visiting producers to ensure our high standards are being met all year round.  

Look out for the Quality Assured logo on leaflet and in-store!
Daily Quality Checks
  • Certain products are selected for daily checks against specification.  
  • The QA team check; size, weight, brix (sugar levels) and pressure as appropriate.  
  • Any variations are picked up quickly and communicated with supplier. 
  • Any products which fail assessment will be checked more regularly to ensure no further issues.