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We don’t know about you, but the May Bank Holiday is always the one that feels like summer is in touching distance. If we’re lucky, it’s a long weekend in the sun, catching up with friends and family, throwing a BBQ, dandering through our local high streets during May Day celebrations or perusing the local markets. 

This year, of course, it’s all change. We need to stay at home more than ever, which is becoming increasingly difficult with lockdown restlessness kicking in. This long weekend is looking like a bit of a mixed bag of weather, so here are some of our suggestions to keep you and your family busy and enjoying your Bank Holiday at home. 



If you had a trip or holiday planned for this weekend, chances are you’ll be daydreaming about where you should be, what you should be doing… but how about you take this weekend to reimagine it? Meant to be lying by the pool in Spain? Get the paddling pool out and enjoy the good weather when the sun shines! Maybe your tradition is taking advantage of the better weather for a camping trip? Easily reimagined in the garden: Just pitch the tent up, bring the sleeping bags out and spend the showery hours getting your camping menu together – strictly only burgers, hotdogs and marshmallows allowed! 



Take Five 

Have you actually taken some time for yourself during this lockdown? Chances are that if you’re still working, the bank holiday means you might just get a day to yourself. We wrote last week about the restorative power of gardening so have a read and get your hands stuck into the soil or distract yourself with some of the podcasts listed below. “Self-Care” comes in many forms and everyone has their own way of taking time for themselves, whether that’s a hot bubble bath or learning a new language, don’t put too much pressure on yourself but definitely carve out the time for you too. 



Even on a bank holiday weekend, it’s hard to get away from the real world. Might we suggest our favourite ‘get away from it all’ podcasts? Desert Island Discs is an obvious one for its whimsical stories to music from some well-known personalities, while Fearne Cotton is continuing her Happy Place series throughout lockdown. Download a podcast, pop in the earphones and either lie in the garden or set out for a good walk to get yourself away from the real world for an hour. 


Get Creative 

Rainbows have certainly become the symbol of hope throughout this time, and we love strolling through our neighbourhoods and seeing them all on windows but we’re also loving the next level of the rainbow decorating – rainbow trees. Families are choosing prominent trees in their communities and decorating with different coloured ribbons and drawings, then also leaving notes and messages of motivation and inspiration for their neighbours.  


If you need any further ideas on how to chill out or enjoy creative play, check out our ideas and inspiration for mindfulness with Annette from Little Penny Thoughts and Steph of My Little Duke who is helping us make your home schooling that little easier. 


Have a lovely, relaxing bank holiday weekend!