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This is your chance to be your own coach. The final design is up to you!

We’ve suggested some possible courses below, but try to be as creative as possible and send us a picture of your course set-up and a guide on how to complete it.

Option 1 – Basic Course

Start ➜ Balance ➜ Bottle Flip➜Crawl under blanket ➜ Jumper

Step 1 – Balance: Balance a plastic cup on your head

Step 2 – You must bottle flip a ¼ full plastic bottle of water before you can move on

Step 3 – Crawl under a big blanket

Step 4 – Put on a Jumper and race to the finish

Option 2 – Fitness Course

Start ➜ 20 Star Jumps ➜ 15 Burpees ➜ 10 Sit Ups ➜ 5 Press Ups

Step 1 – Do 20 Star Jumps and run to next station

Step 2 – Do 15 Burpees and run to the next station

Step 3 – Do 10 Sit ups and run to the next station

Step 4 – Do 5 Press ups and run to the finish

Option 3 – Timed Circuit

(The winner will be whoever can complete the circuit in the quickest time)

Start ➜ Bottle Flip ➜ 10 sit ups ➜ Plastic Cup Balance ➜ 10 Burpees ➜ Jumper and Shorts ➜ Finish

Step 1 – Bottle Flip Challenge, once completed, run to next station

Step 2 – Complete 10 Sit Ups and hop one footed to next station

Step 3 – Balance Plastic cup until next station

Step 4 – Complete 10 Burpees and run to next station

Step 5 – Put a jumper and shorts on over your clothes and run to the finish (stop the clock!!)