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Back to school checklist

Preparing a well-organised shopping list for the kids going back to school is essential to ensure you have all the necessary supplies and avoid any last-minute panic. 

Here are some top tips to help you create a comprehensive and efficient shopping list:

Take Inventory: Before creating the shopping list, take inventory of the school supplies and items you already have. Check their condition and functionality to determine what needs to be replaced or replenished.

Divide the List: Divide the shopping list into categories such as stationery, clothing, backpack, lunch supplies, and personal care items. This organisation will make shopping more manageable and efficient.

School Stationery: Include essential stationery items like notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters, rulers, glue sticks, and folders. Don't forget items specific to your child's grade level, like graphing calculators or protractors.

If your child's backpack or lunchbox from the previous year is still in good condition, you may not need to purchase new ones.

School Bag Essentials: Consider adding items like hand sanitizers, tissues, and reusable water bottles to the list. These can be placed in your child's backpack for easy access.

Labelling Supplies: Include labelling supplies such as name tags, labels, or a label maker to ensure your child's belongings don't get misplaced.

Shop Early: Beat the rush by shopping for school supplies early. This allows you to find all the items you need and take advantage of back-to-school sales and discounts.

Stick to the List: While shopping, stick to your list to avoid impulse purchases. This will help you stay on budget and ensure you get everything your child needs.

By following these tips, you can create a comprehensive shopping list for your kids going back to school and make the shopping process smooth and stress-free.

Happy back-to-school shopping!