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Christmas Party Food Ideas

The annual Christmas party has arrived, and you’ve been tasked with making a course for the buffet. The easy thing to do would be to go and buy a pre-made meal from the shop – but that defeats the whole purpose! Potluck parties, buffets, sharing lunches – whatever name you know them by, they involve you making a dish. Find easy potluck recipes and Christmas party food ideas for this year’s Christmas get-together and impress your colleagues without the effort.

Salmon and Cream Cheese Potato Cakes

Incorporating classic Christmas breakfast flavours into an easy-to-make yet surprisingly delicious appetizer for your Christmas party food contribution, salmon and cream cheese potato cakes simply involve you buying the ingredients and layering them together. Buy some smoked salmon slices as well as some cream cheese and a little dill if you fancy adding a twist of flavour, then layer up onto a potato cake or blini and they’re good to scoff! Easy Christmas party appetizers that everyone can enjoy.

Christmas Tree Garlic Bread

A festive take on garlic bread, Christmas tree garlic bread allows you to take the starter favourite and easily adapt it for a Christmas party menu. Make (or buy, in this case we’ll allow it!) your garlic dough balls before neatly arranging in a Christmas tree shape. Don’t forget to top with a few herbs to give it a much needed shade of green, and serve up with a dipping sauce to finish. 

Cheese in Blankets

A cheesy twist on pigs in blankets, these are super simple to make and likely to go down a storm. Simply choose a favourite cheese (smoked cheddar works well) and wrap in pieces of ham, pancetta or bacon before popping in the oven. Simply roast for 15 minutes and they’re done. If you don’t have an oven at work, you can cook these at home and give them a quick blast in the microwave to re-heat them, ready for serving.

Shortbread Bites with Sprinkles

Everyone’s favourite when it comes to potluck recipes, if you’re on dessert duty, there are many Christmas food ideas to choose from. A simple classic, shortbread bites can be baked with ease, sliced up and served. Add sprinkles to your mixture for a festive, colourful touch – or go adventurous and add some additional chocolate or nuts (as long as there are no office allergies!). 

Christmas Trifle

Perfect for sharing and easy to make – this makes trifle a go-to dessert when it comes to Christmas party food. Best of all, it can be as simple or as difficult as you make it. The rules of Christmas trifle means there are no must-haves in the recipe, simply layer your chocolate, sponge, cream, fruit, custard, jelly or any other addition in a glass and refrigerate. You can even add home-made sauce and meringues if you really want to put the effort in, too, (but nobody will judge you if you don’t).

Christmas party food ideas and potluck recipes are designed for sharing, not stressing. From Christmas party appetizers to wholesome desserts, our easy potluck recipes for your Christmas party menu are designed to make you look like a kitchen expert, while allowing you to put your feet up. Try any of our Christmas recipe ideas above and share them with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know how you got on!

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