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Easter Sunday From Start To Finish

Easter Sunday From Start To Finish

Easter is renowned as the time for celebrations, and even though this year might not be the same as normal, it doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy some delicious treats from breakfast through to dinner! With the extended weekend and lots of delicious chocolate eggs waiting to be devoured, Easter Sunday is an opportunity to cook some truly heavenly food. 


A staple for Easter breakfast are cinnamon rolls, big, fluffy, soft and absolutely delicious. You'll impress the whole family with these!


A taste of springtime with a yummy sweet potato soup is perfect for serving up on Easter Sunday, as a warm-up lunch before the main event!

Wondering how to make it? Click here for the recipe.

Soup pairs lovely with a side of wholemeal bread, or some rustic rolls for dipping.


Chicken is a traditional Easter dinner idea, because everyone needs a classic roast recipe in their repertoire.

Find step-by- step instructions for the perfect roast here.

Dish up with a side of fresh vegetables and roast potatoes. Yum! 


Add a personal touch to your Easter with these Iced Easter Biscuits and include the kids in this one, they will love it.

Click here for the full recipe.

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