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Autumn Activities For Families

Autumn is upon us ...

You may have noticed the first few red, orange and brown leaves starting to appear on pathways. Yes folks, Autumn is upon us, which means beautiful colours, pumpkins and colder temperatures.

For some people, it’s the best time of year, especially families. Why? Because there’s lots to do, it’s a little cooler but still warm enough for kids to play outside, and nature presents plenty of opportunities for games and autumn activities.

Autumn is a wonderfully charming season which all the family can enjoy, so it’s time to make the most of it. To help you get the best out of Autumn, we’ve come up with a variety of fun, creative and active indoor family activities and outdoor family activities for you to try this season.

Check out these fab games to play with all the family.


1. Collecting leaves to make a collage

This is one of those fun outdoor games great for younger children. Turn leaf collecting into a competition and see how many different colours you can find. Don’t let all those pretty leaves go to waste, head outside with the kids and pick out their favourites. Then take your leaf collections home and each family member can make their own collage. It’s a fab activity for toddlers who have never done it before, but anyone can get stuck in.

2. Collecting pine cones to decorate for Christmas

We know, we know, Christmas is ages away. But there’s no harm in making awesome decorations in advance. Plus it’s an excuse to get the whole family outdoors collecting pine cones.

The kids will have a whale of a time selecting the perfect pine cones to transform into impressive Christmas decorations. Once you’ve brought them home,  the decorating can begin. Spray them silver, gold or white and glue festive accessories to them to turn them into tree decorations.

3. Pumpkin making

A yearly activity that shouldn’t be missed. When those bright orange pumpkins come into season, stock up on one for each family member and get carving in time for Halloween. You can also use pumpkins for baking cakes and making soups, especially if your kids are young budding chefs or bake off queens!

4. Making toffee apples

It may be a bit sticky and messy but it’s so much fun. Either grab some apples from your nearest SPAR or pick a few from the garden if you’re lucky enough to have a tree! If you do go down the natural route, try to pick them with the branch still attached for an authentic handle provided by mother nature herself. Then simply dip in melted toffee and leave to set in the fridge.

5. Days out

There are plenty of things going on around the UK in Autumn, from yummy food festivals to agricultural shows where the kids can meet farm animals. Theme parks, farms and community halls tend to put on plenty of Halloween and autumn family activities. Take your pick!

6. Gathering wood for an open fire

Starting to feel the cold? Warm everyone’s fingers and toes by heading out to collect some wood and making an open fire. Why not get the stopwatch out and see who can collect the most pieces of wood in under a minute? Just remember to make sure it’s after a dry period to make sure your wood will burn properly.

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