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Halloween Parties On A Budget

Halloween Party

So you’ve decided to host a Halloween party. After you’ve bought all the decorations, games, accessories, food, drink and your outfit, costs can really add up. If you don’t want your Halloween get-together to cost an arm and a leg, you’re going to have to be creative. Doing Halloween on a budget is simple if you know how. It’s time to come up with some smart budget Halloween party ideas and cost-effective party tricks that will still give your guests goose bumps.

Fear not if your wallet is feeling a little light, we’ve got some handy tips to help you throw the ultimate Halloween party on a budget.

Search for last year’s goodies

There’s probably a skeleton hiding in your closet somewhere. You might just have to dig a little deeper in order to find it. Who knows what sort of spooky decor you might dig up? If you’ve got decorations from the previous Halloween, don’t be afraid to use them again! You might even be able to spruce them up or update them so they’re good as new!


Get people to bring food

You could also ask your guests to each bring an item of food each to keep costs down. Maybe have a baking competition or get friends to bring some savoury snacks. Or better still, if you want to avoid having to cook a proper meal, choose your party time wisely (preferably after dinner) so you only need to provide nibbles.


Make your own decorations

This is by far one of the best Halloween budget ideas. Why buy stuff when you can make it? Unleash your inner craft queen (or king) and make your decorations instead of buying them. If you’ve got kids, they will love getting involved with making spooky Halloween props and games. Plus you get some quality family time together too!  


Shop at a cost effective store

Choose where you get your Halloween supplies from wisely, because if you opt for a more pricey shop then your party costs can start to add up. Get thrifty and find a shop or supermarket that sells reasonably priced Halloween food and accessories. Find your nearest SPAR to grab everything you need for an epic party.



Pick a simple colour scheme

Try and stick to two or three colours. Don’t go mad with multicolour decor, or you will end up having to buy more stuff. The standard black and orange works well, or even purple and orange – or if you’re feeling particularly devilish, why not try red and black?



You can’t go wrong with multipack buys. Stock up on multipacks of sweets, chocolates and decorations so you can save money by buying in bulk.


Free spooky ambience

You don’t have to call in an entertainer or actor to create a spooky atmosphere. All it takes is putting a scary movie on in the background, or putting together a scary music playlist on a music app like Spotify.

Still wondering what to do for a Halloween party and what supplies you need? Pop down to your local SPAR  for more inspiration.

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