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Mothers Day

Mother's Day Gifts

With its ever-changing date, Mother’s Day can often sneak up on us and catch us out, resulting in the annual dash to SPAR for last-minute Mother’s Day presents. 

Regardless of budget, there’s always a way to create unique Mother’s Day gifts that are thoughtful and affordable.  Take a look at our 5 thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts below for some handy inspiration.

1. Bake a cake

Simple, yet thoughtful. This Mother’s Day, bake your mum’s favourite type of cake – whether that means a batch of fairy cakes, her favourite gooey brownies or a rich chocolate cake for the whole family. A thoughtful Mother’s Day gift that can show her just how much you care, putting in the time to create something that’s delicious and, of course, shareable, can go a long way.

2. Buy flowers  and craft a card

Buying flowers might seem like a simple idea, but it can easily be made personal with a few added touches.  Try selecting her favourite flowers, or if you’re unsure, why not go with her favourite colours instead? We have plants starting from just £9!

Make your bouquet more personal by attaching a homemade card instead of a pre-made note. Get creative and use careful calligraphy or ribbon cuttings. It’s a great way to create a homemade card and spell out your message. Not feeling so creative? Download our Mother's Day card and colour it in. Pick out some favourite family photos and attach to your card to make it a little bit more special.

3. Cook dinner for the family

Let Mum put her feet up while you spend Mother’s Day cooking dinner for the whole family. Whatever you choose for the family dinner, the thought will be appreciated. Don’t forget to wash up the dishes for her too (or at least stack up the dishwasher!)

Cooking dinner for the family not only takes the pressure off Mum, but also gets the whole family spending quality time together. Spending time with family is also important on Mother’s Day, so why not suggest playing a board game after dinner or watching a family movie.

Pop into your local SPAR and shop our great range of starters, mains, and delicious desserts! 

4. Make Breakfast in bed

The stereotypical Mother’s Day gift – a timeless present that will ultimately show you care. Make breakfast in bed filled with her favourite brekkie treats, whether that’s pancakes with maple syrup and Nutella, or a full cooked English breakfast, complete with hash browns.

Whatever you do, make sure you let her sleep in and all the morning jobs are done before she gets up. 

5. Spring clean the house

Whether this is done on Mother’s Day, before, or after, spring cleaning the whole house is a gesture certain to be appreciated. If you plan to clean the house after Mother’s Day, perhaps you could design a coupon for a “Spring Clean of Whole House” that she can cash in with you at any time.

For your spring cleaning needs, you can purchase all your products and cleaning materials from our House Hold section at SPAR.

Treat your Mum this year with unique mother’s day gifts at an affordable price, and find everything you need to make it a Mother’s Day to remember at your local SPAR. 

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