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Our Top BBQ Recipes For Kids

BBQ Recipes For Kids

A family BBQ is a fun and tasty way to spend a summer’s afternoon. But the fun can soon be disrupted by grumpy faces and tears if the smaller members of the family aren’t enthused by the offering on their paper plate.

For many of us, the taste of charred meat is one of the big appeals of BBQ, but for youngsters, this can be quite off-putting. And while our eyes may light up, the site of a substantial burger dripping with cheese and onions can be daunting to a child.

Avoid any potential discontent with our favourite BBQ recipes for kids. As well as serving them up a delicious and exciting flame grilled treat, these easy BBQ recipes give them the chance to get in the kitchen and help with the prep, too.

Healthy Burgers for Kids: Chicken & Veggie Burgers

We struggled to think of a better name for these, so instead we said exactly what they are – chicken burgers containing vegetables. These healthy burgers for kids tick all the boxes for even the fussiest of little mouths as they combine the texture of chicken (often favoured amongst children over beef – let’s face it, you don’t get beef nuggets do you!), combined with soft, flavoursome vegetables. Less grease, great flavour.

You’ll need approximately 80g of chicken mince per burger, combined with diced onion, celery and grated carrot. Get those little hands in the bowl and mix together, before forming into burger patties – if the forming is proving tricky for even adult hands, add some breadcrumbs to the mix. We would always recommend making the patties as thin as you can – kids BBQ food should be easy for them to tuck into.

Pop them in the fridge for an hour, then add to the BBQ and grill on each side for approximately five minutes, until thoroughly cooked, but not too charred on the edges. Keep up the healthy theme by serving on a brown roll with salad and sauce of their choice – or none if they prefer.

Fun BBQ Recipes for Kids: Chicken and Sweetcorn Kebabs

Bright colours are a sure fire hit and can help to encourage kids to try foods they may not have experienced before. These colourful kebabs are fun to eat and packed full of flavour and good stuff. Create a really simple marinade by mixing 8 tbsp of lemon juice, 4 tbsp of rapeseed oil and 2 tbsp of clear honey. Mix together then add to sealable bag with 4 diced chicken breasts. Seal and leave in the fridge for up to three hours.

Take some wooden kebab skewers and thread onto them the chicken, chunks of yellow pepper, courgette and sliced corn on the cob. Brush with a little oil and BBQ until cooked. Remember that the tip of the skewers are sharp and the held end will be very hot straight from the BBQ, so consider sliding the contents onto a plate before serving. A delicious and fun BBQ recipe for kids, or adults.

Fun Desserts for Kids from the BBQ: Grilled Banana Boats

The perfect way to round off your family BBQ. Soft and gooey bananas filled with sweet treats. Slice two bananas along their length, whilst still in their skins. Lay them on a sheet of foil, skin side down and then ask the little ones to cover in their favourite toppings – marshmallows, chocolate chips, peanut butter – whatever they like!

Fold up the foil into a loose parcel and crimp at the top before resting on the BBQ for around 10-15 minutes. Carefully take the parcel from the heat and leave to cool for 5 minutes before opening and serving. They’ll love the theatre of you opening the parcel, the soft textures and the sweetness – everything you’d look for in a fun BBQ recipe.

Other Family BBQ Ideas

Here are a few extra tips to make sure your Family BBQ is a happy and fun experience for all:

  • Provide some entertainment whilst the food is cooking, an inflatable pool, hide and seek, how about an alternative on the egg and spoon race, using water balloons on a wooden spoon instead of the usual egg?
  • Keep the kids away from the BBQ! Make sure there is plenty of space between any dining area and cooking space.
  • When planning your kids BBQ food, consider the sides on offer too. Potato wedges, mini jacket potatoes, macaroni cheese and cold pasta salad are usually a good call.
  • Why not serve them drinks with little umbrellas and plenty of ice to excite and cool them down?
  • Consider a theme – get paper plates, cups and napkins featuring their favourite Disney characters or with bright colours.

A family BBQ should be enjoyed by the whole family. With these easy BBQ recipes for kids and adults to enjoy, you’ll ensure that everyone leaves feeling full and happy. Get all the ingredients you need for a fabulous family BBQ this summer at your local SPAR.

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