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Spring Cleaning

Big Spring Clean

Tackling the Big Spring Clean

Although the temperatures might not reflect it, it is now officially springtime in Northern Ireland! Time to start a fresh and undertake the big spring clean! Sometimes the spring clean can make you feel as though you are biting off more than you can chew, faced with all the chores you have been delaying. However, we have devised the best tips and tricks to help you declutter your mind and embark on the clean with a clear head whilst saving you time and money along the way!



  1. Take one room at a time

Embarking on a full house spring clean can be overwhelming, however taking it a room at a time will make the project less daunting. Break each room into smaller tasks to be complete, making the process more manageable.


  1. Create a shopping list

Make a checklist of all the tasks to complete per room, using this to decipher the cleaning products you need to purchase.  Don’t forget the cleaning products you currently have! Buying non-essential cleaning products can build up cupboard clutter further at an unnecessary expense.


  1. Don’t delay the unfavourable tasks

It is safe to say, some household chores are easier than others.  Undertake the most daunting chores first when you have the most Spring-cleaning momentum. Don’t burn yourself out with the more manageable tasks, delaying cleaning the more neglected areas further.


  1. Be realistic

Allow yourself time to complete your clean, Rome was not built in a day! Plan around your schedule time you have available to dedicate to the clean. Being realistic is important to avoid becoming demotivated if the clean is taking longer than expected or leading to burn out from overexerting yourself.


  1. Outdoor chores

With warmer weather on the horizon, tackle outdoor chores such as refreshing the BBQ, sprucing up the patio or re-organising the shed. We promise you will thank yourself later!