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Fathers day The Best Father’s Day Gifts From The Kids

When you’ve got little ones, Father’s Day usually consists of you having to nip out and buy something thoughtful for them to give to dad for his special day.
Don’t choose the standard book or a box of chocolates – get him something memorable and sentimental from the kids this year. Follow our helpful guide to find out the best Father’s Day gifts from children.

Personalised Father’s Day Gifts

The world of online has become more prevalent in our lives, particularly in recent times, so creating personalised presents online is perfect for Father’s Day gifts from kids. Arguably, the best bit is the fact your gifts can be personalised from the comfort of your own home before being delivered straight to your door.

You can choose from personalised wallets, a calendar containing family pictures, a phone case with a family photo and many more options, tailoring it specifically to what he needs or uses most. Of course, there’s always the option of keeping it simple with a standard personalised card – using photos and text shows a more personal touch to a Father’s Day card than a generic one does.

The children may not be old enough to choose these for themselves, but having the kids by your side to help create the design is half the fun. Make them choose which item they want to personalise and how they want to make it special to Dad. If they can spell, you could even get them to type out their message, or press their fingers on the correct keys. This way, the kids will feel involved in their gift and Dad will wake up with a smile on Father’s Day.

Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The perfect way of keeping costs down and sticking to your budget – Father’s Day gifts kids can make are not only affordable and sentimental, but great for keeping little minds active. Here are a few of our favourite easy Father’s Day crafts for kids:

Arts and Crafts

Dependent on the age of your little ones, why not get them to create something artistic for their Dad’s special day? A mini masterpiece from a son or daughter is a sure-fire way to warm the hearts of all Dads (as long as you let them have a lie-in first!). These Father’s Day gifts for kids to make can be as simple as using stickers, card, glue, glitter and household items to create a work of art. Keep it super simple and get the little ones to design the ultimate Father’s Day card for when they bring up his breakfast in bed. Keep costs down and use homemade Father’s Day gift ideas to put a smile on his face this Father’s Day morning.

Photo Presents

If the kids are slightly older, tech-savvy and, let’s face it, the only ones in the house who know how to work the printer, means finally printing off some of those photos on your phone is a quick and easy option. Making gifts for Dad such as photo collages with frames and printed out pictures is a great way of showing that they care. Photos are often the most sentimental gifts to give, but they’re also an easy and affordable way to get the kids involved in Father’s Day gifts. Choosing the photos together can be a family task (minus Dad, of course) and then the printing, cutting and sticking can be down to them!

DIY Pottery

The greatest stereotype for dads is their love of getting out in the garden, with all the great weather we’ve all been enjoying recently we have no doubt the garden is looking spick and span! Why not brighten up a plain plant pot and let the kids get creating their own masterpieces with some paint to surprise dad with on Father’s Day morning. Why not pick up some potting plants for some Father’s Day planting fun for all the family, a great excuse for some quality family time in the great outdoors.

Father’s Day Activities For The Whole Family

If Dad would prefer a more active gift, why not get the kids to decide what they want to do to celebrate Dad (if there’s indecision, take it to a vote and make a game out of it) and let them present this to him on Father’s Day morning.

You could even get the kids to incorporate some of their arts and crafts skills to create a voucher or a card showing him what they’ll be doing for his treat, it could be anything from a nature walk to a picnic and games in the garden.

Now the kids’ Father’s Day gifts are accounted for, it’s time to sort out the food. Whether you’re picnicking, cooking a roast dinner or simply need some snacks for watching Dads favourite movie, grab everything you need from your local SPAR!