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Top 5 Kids Easter Baking Ideas

Top 5 Easter Baking Ideas To Keep The Kids Occupied

The Easter bunny is on the way, and the annual treasure hunt plans are in full force. But are you looking for more ways to involve the kids in the Easter celebrations? Try our Easter baking ideas for kids this year for easy, creative ways of making Easter treats the whole family can enjoy.

1. Cornflake Egg Nests

Easter baking for kids made easy. The classic cornflake-cake treat with a festive Easter twist takes a spin on the traditional recipe by creating a chocolatey nest for Easter chicks. Alternatively, use shredded wheat to achieve a more realistic effect for your nest. Pop some mini eggs on top of each nest to complete the dessert for a fun Easter baking idea for your children.

2. Chocolate Truffle Egg Box

A quirky play on the idea of Easter eggs, this Easter baking idea provides a tasty treat for both you and the kids. Using an empty egg box and mini paper cases, create your own “Easter Eggs” from chocolate truffles using dark and milk chocolate with double cream. Fill up your egg boxes with tasty Easter surprises this year. A great way to add a personal touch to your kids’ Easter baking ideas, why not try tying the box up with a ribbon to present to a member of the family.

3. Flowerpot Muffins

In true spring fashion, flowerpot muffins create an Easter twist on your usual chocolate chip muffins using mini terracotta pots as flowerpots for your Easter cakes. With the chocolate muffin acting like soil, and rice paper flowers decorated on your muffins, children will love making and eating these Easter treats. Let the kids indulge on these flowerpot muffins over the Easter weekend – a tasty treat perfect for Easter celebrations.

4. Chick Biscuit-Pops

Playing on the idea of lolly-pops, biscuit-pops are a great Easter baking idea to try with the kids this year. Bake your biscuit ball and then insert an oven proof lolly stick to the end of it, creating a biscuit-pop. Buttercream and chocolate chips will help create the chick’s face on your biscuit-pop, which the kids can design on their own. Use vanilla in your buttercream mixture to add a sweet spring taste to your Easter pops, perfect for celebrating with the kids.

5. Lemon Meringue Easter Chicks

Fun Easter baking made easy – these zesty meringue Easter treats are a great way to get the kids involved in the festivities. Create your mini meringues using egg whites and yellow food colouring paste to create the chick effect. Let the kids design the chicks’ faces and feet with yellow, black and orange icing pens to make their decorative snack – the perfect Easter baking for children looking for something a little more fun and artistic.

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