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You Will Need

  • An Egg (boiled to avoid any mess!)
  • A Tablespoon
  • A ‘Tester’ to shout “Ready, Steady and Go” and record time
  • A Stopwatch
  • 2 Cones or Garden Objects

How To Set Up and Record Your Result

As per the Sprint set-up, place your 2 Cones or Garden Objects 10 metres (m) apart on a flat, non-slip surface (or 20m if you have sufficient space).

Line up at the starting cone with your egg balancing on your top of your spoon.

Make sure you have one hand holding the spoon at the end of the handle and the other hand behind your back.

When the Tester Shouts “Ready, Steady. . .” tilt forwards slightly and find your balance with theegg and spoon extended slightly in front of your body.

On “Go”, move as quickly as possible (walk or run) to the second cone and turn carefully before returning to your starting point.

If you drop your egg off your spoon, you must go back to the beginning and Start again!

Primary 1-4 (Foundation & Key Stage 1) students will cover 20m and the Tester will record how long it takes using the stopwatch.

Primary 5-7 (Key Stage 2) Students will cover 40m and the Tester will record how long it takesusing the stopwatch.

Once you’ve got your final time, record it in the Healthy Kidz App under Sports Day>Egg and Spoon Race.

Coaching Tips

  1. The key to this event is concentration. As your technique improves, try to get used to looking where you are going to make sure you’re turning right at the cone each time.
  2. “Slow and steady wins the race.” It’s important that you don’t drop your egg or this could cost you serious time. Take your time and try to complete the race without any fumbles.
  3. You can begin with a larger spoon to get comfortable and work on your speed, but must use a tablespoon when recording your result on Sports Day.

How to Prepare

Before you start to move with your egg and spoon, try simply balancing the egg on your spoon in a stationary position. You can progress this by balancing on each leg before adding movement.

Start at walking pace and when you feel comfortable, try to go a little bit faster.

You may also use some garden objects to create a simple obstacle course. You can practice keeping your eyes looking out in front at the obstacles whilst changing direction to avoid them.

If your eggs survive the race, why not make some tasty egg sandwiches to help you recover after Sports Day!