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Is it just me, or does it seem like our kids require snacks EVERY single minute of EVERY single day? I don’t know about you, but Phoebe could pretty much snack all day long … if she was allowed to! Well, we trialled a new activity we’d seen somewhere online to see if we could curtail the constant asking for snacks and sneak a little learning in too.

We call this activity … ‘The Snack Shop’, and it really is super simple to set up. Basically, we chucked a bunch of snacks into a toy basket, gave each snack a price, and allocated Phoebs some money for her snacks for that day. We didn’t have any loose change in the house so I just cut up some coloured card and penned the monetary value on in marker. Then I wrote the ‘price list’ on Phoebe’s wee chalkboard stand (you could just use a page though) and finished the ‘look’ with her toy till.


When Phoebe arrived into the kitchen her little face was a picture! Such excitement to discover she would be ‘picking’ and ‘paying’ for her snacks that day. Immediately, she rushed off to find her play trolley so she could feel like a ‘real shopper’!! I took some time to explain how the snack shop would work and gave her the allocated monies for the day - £1.50. Healthy snacks were priced lowest and the leftover Christmas sweets was obviously highest! It was fascinating to see her weigh up the options of choosing lower priced foods and getting ‘more’ for her money!


Our ‘shop’ opens only for a short time mid-morning, and then again mid-afternoon, and once the money is gone, it’s gone! Happy shopping!