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Embracing nature can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing. It can improve your mood, reduce feelings of stress or anger, and make you feel more relaxed. At present, getting bursts of fresh air can help revitalise and ground you, especially on days where you may feel cooped up and frustrated.


Dependent on your home environment and whether you live in an urban or rural area, your access to the great outdoors may be temporarily limited. However, it is still possible to feel the positive effects of nature while staying indoors at home. There may be restrictions in place but there are still ways that you can inject nature into your home.


  • Open your windows and let your rooms air out. This will let allow fresh air in to invigorate your home.


  • During meditation or relaxation time, listen to natural sounds such as recordings that play, ocean waves, birds singing or rainfall. These are soothing sounds that are associated with tranquillity and nature.


  • Get as much natural light as you possibly can. Create a comfortable space to relax, ideally by a window where you can look out over a view of trees or the sky.


  • Treat yourself to some flowers/plants to brighten up a room or if you have artificial foliage you can decorate an area to use as your chill zone.



We all have access to fresh air, irrespective of our living arrangements. Embrace it as you sit on your front doorstep, back garden or on your daily walk. Getting outside will also help boost the infusion of much needed vitamin D. As the sun produces vitamin D, research has shown that vitamin D plays an important role of regulating and boosting your mood. Taking a stroll outside can also help reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelm as you give yourself space to breathe. If possible, why not eat outside and enjoy lunch al fresco! A change of scenery/routine can be refreshing and very welcomed at present.


Moreover, in today’s world of powerful technology, many people feel the urge to simplify and get back to nature. Whilst TV, Netflix and social media may keep us occupied and entertained, it is important to experience the health benefits of outdoor recreation. It is necessary to unplug and recharge in order to stimulate our minds.

Exploring nature and the freedom of being outdoors is an aspect of life that I took for granted pre quarantine. With our spell of beautiful weather, I find the evening sky and sunsets absolutely mesmerising. I find that taking time to pause and relish the beauty of a sunset is therapeutic and calming. It is my hope that when restrictions are lifted, that I have a newfound appreciation for nature and all its glory.

Annette Kelly x

We’ve joined forces with Wellness Expert Annette Kelly (Little Penny Thoughts) to help us through the days and nights and keep our mental health in check.