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Working from home comes with its own perks and challenges. In one sense, you have gained independence but on the other hand, it can be difficult to motivate yourself and remain disciplined. Over the past few weeks I have experimented with different ways of making working from home, actually ‘work’. I won’t lie, some days it has been an epic fail and other days I have felt productive. This highlighted the importance of being flexible as you aim to find your feet and find out what works for you.


Below are some practical tips that have helped me:

  • Set your tone for the day- Get up, get showered and get dressed before logging on.
  • Change out of your pyjamas and dress in comfortable and clean clothing. This will influence your mood and attitude.
  • Separate space to work from space to rest. If possible, aim not to work in your bedroom. (the bed is can look comfortable and cosy but it can give you backache.)
  • Have a bottle of water beside you to help keep hydrated.
  • Try to create a small area at home that’s a dedicated space for work. This will help you stay in the right frame of mind and create a clearer separation between your work and home life.
  • Plan your day ahead by writing down a checklist/ to do list, this will limit procrastinating and keep you on track throughout your working day.
  • Put your smart phone on airplane mode if you find yourself getting side tracked. Notifications/ group messages cause distractions whilst you work.
  • Pop in your headphones and create an acoustic playlist of music that you enjoy as soft background noise.
  • Schedule breaks into your day and try not to take lunch at your desk. If you can, get a midday change of scenery and stretch of the legs can do wonders for your afternoon energy levels. Research has shown that taking short breaks can actually increase productivity and creativity levels. Go get some fresh air outdoors, listen to the birds, enjoy the breeze and connect with nature
  • Communication is the key and this is never more true than when working remotely. If you have a team, it is helpful to organise online check-ins where you can catch up on targets, projects and goals. 
  • Take time out of your afternoon break and savour your cup of tea or coffee.
  • Have set working hours. Working from home allows for flexibility, but the start and end of your working day should be as routine as possible. Having a clear end time will help increase productivity and help you strike a balance between work / leisure time.


At present there is no such thing as a “perfect” working day for me, however I am doing the best I can, with the resources that I have. Each of our home lives and environments are unique and different, therefore discover what works for you and your household. Thankfully with modern technology, we have the opportunity to work from home and connect with each other.  I try to incorporate the above steps in my new daily routine and it is my belief that the secret of success lies in habitual behaviour. By forming new and proactive habits, I am slowly but surely finding my flow.

Annette Kelly x

We’ve joined forces with Wellness Expert Annette Kelly (Little Penny Thoughts) to help us through the days and nights and keep our mental health in check.